What is Jitter clicking?


Updated: 07/11/2022

Jitter Clicking Grip style

 Jitter clicking is one of the fast clicking methods, or you can say a technique to achieve high CPS (Click Per Second) using a mouse. 

Who coined the name “Jitter clicking”?

One of the clicking games that got popular in the first decade of the 21st century and encouraged users to click fast is “Cookie Clicker” this game requires rapid usual clicking to get a high score. Later in 2011, a game called Minecraft was released and gained popularity, and one of the reasons for its popularity was clicking fast to win over your opponent. Some community contributors of Minecraft gamers coined the term jitter clicking.

Jitter clicking allows gamers to click the mouse button at a very high speed and enable them to defeat their opponent or build the blocks fast.

What CPS can you get from Jitter clicking?

Jitter clicking requires skill and practice. Initially, you wouldn’t be able to get higher CPS. For a beginner, you can touch 6 to 8 average click speed, but with time you can increase it between 8 to 12 and the max CPS you can get is 15.

 Here are some facts; according to a website called AREALME that collects CPS data, mentioned that the average CPS score of most users is around 6.63 and highest CPS score is 14.1.

Here is how to Jitter click in four simple steps.

1. First thing is you should get a good mouse. It is preferred to get a gaming mouse because it will have the design and features that a game demands, such as a gaming-grade sensor, sturdy body, high-quality buttons, etc.

 2. You have to vibrate your hand and forearm for jitter-click and place your index finger on the mouse button, you can also use middle finger. The important thing here is to keep your hand and forearm in the air and keep your index finger pointed at the mouse button. You have to keep your muscles in an intense condition.

 3. You can grip the mouse with your thumb and pinky finger. The important thing here is that you do not have to rest your palm on the mouse.

 4. Once you have positioned your arm, you can vibrate your forearm muscles; this is how you get rapid clicks. Make sure that you are not pushing the mouse button but rather vibrating your hand to click.

 Above are four simple steps for jitter clicking. Initially, it could be challenging to focus, but you will get better with some practice.

How to aim while Jitter clicking?

Aiming with a jitter click is hard it’s a advanced technique. Below are some suggestions and ways you can aim better while jitter clicking.

Below are some simple steps to aim while you are Jitter clicking.

1. First, if you are wearing a shirt with sleeves, fold it up so it does not get in the way.

2. You hold the mouse with your thumb and small finger in fingertip style so that your palm does not touch the mouse.

 3. It’s important to note that you do not aim by moving your wrist. Instead, you move your forearm to aim because if you aim with your wrist, it will break the jitter effect that you have made by tensioning the muscles.

 How to Choose the Mouse for Jitter Clicking?

 A mouse plays an important role when it comes to jitter-clicking. You can jitter click on any mouse, but buying a decent gaming mouse for rapid clicking is better.

 Below are some of the features you should look for in a gaming mouse for jitter clicking because getting a decent mouse matter for Jitter clicking.

 Mouse Switches (Buttons)

As you know, jitter clicking is all bout fast clicking, so the mouse buttons should be of excellent quality and should be able to bear constant hits.

 There are two types of switches available listed below. 

 1. Mechanical switches

2. Optical switches

 Mechanical switches are crunchy to press and give a satisfactory actuation to the gamer. These mice switches are capable and tested for millions of clicks.

Optical mouse switches use optical technology to register mouse clicks. These switches are considered faster than mechanical switches. 

 But when it comes to jitter clicking, you wouldn’t get any advantage. Mice with optical switches are helpful for FPS type games because you need to shoot your opponent fast with a single shot.


When you jitter click, your mouse could lose focus and be difficult to aim. If the mouse DPI is adjustable, you can change the DPI to a low value so that when you jitter click, it becomes easy to focus and aim.


Since you will be putting pressure on the mouse, make sure that your mouse is of good quality. The mouse usually does not break with Jitter clicking, but a low-quality mouse button could stop working or lose consistent clicks.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Jitter clicking break your mouse?

 No, jitter clicking technique puts pressure on the button. There is little chance of breaking the mouse; however, it is advised to have a gaming-grade mouse for jitter clicking. If you are Jitter clicking on a cheap mouse, your mouse buttons could stop functioning correctly due to low-quality switches; otherwise, gaming mouse buttons do not break with rapid clicks.

 Is Jitter clicking dangerous or harmful to the hand?

 Yes, if you jitter click for a long time, this practice could hurt your hand or entire arm. So take breaks in between to relax your arm muscles and use your index and middle fingers alternatively.

 What are alternate options for jitter clicking?

 Two other methods can be used for high CPS.

Drag clicking technique

Butterfly clicking technique (fastest clicking method)

 Both above alternatives of jitter clicking can be used for increased CPS. But all these three clicking methods have a different style of clicking.

 Is Jitter clicking allowed in Minecraft?

 Yes, it’s allowed, but you could be detected and banned if you use any rapid clicker software to outperform your opponent. A human clicking rate can not remain constant. The fowl detection mechanism can easily detect between bots and humans.

 If your clicking speed is constant, which is not possible, you could be banned from the Minecraft server. 

 Some servers also impose a specific CPS limit. If you cross the limit, you will be violating the game’s server rules. So abide by all the rules of the server.

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