What is Drag Clicking?


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Updated: 07/16/2022

How to Drag Click


You have come to the right place if you want to know everything about Drag clicking.

Mouse drag clicking is all about knocking out your opponent with fast clicking. High CPS can be achieved with a mouse for drag clicking. A couple of other methods can achieve high CPS (Click per Second), like Jitter clicking and Butterfly clicking. Though Drag clicking is the easiest one, it has drawbacks and benefits, which we’ll discuss.

All the above-mentioned fast clicking methods are pretty different, but all are effective.

Why do you need to fast Click?

There are many games where you try to dominate your opponent with a higher click rate. A higher click rate allows average gamers to swing the sword multiple times and fast in a short time. The faster a player clicks, the more chances they have of hitting the opponent.

Minecraft and Roblox are two examples of such games. 

How to drag click, six simple steps?

1. First, you should have a decent gaming-grade mouse that can drag click means when you click the switch bounce back it feels like slight vibration.

2. Set the debounce time to “zero” to get maximum clicks. This can be done through software that allows your mouse clicks speed to be configure.

3. Make sure your hands your fingertips dry. Also, the surface of the mouse button is clean.

4. Hold the mouse with the thumb and pinky finger. Set your index finger or middle finger on the tail of the left button if you are using the mouse with your right hand.

5. Your palm should not be resting on the mouse; instead, it should be raised above.

6. Now, let the magic begin by contacting your finger on the mouse button and moving your finger towards the front side of the mouse in downward direction.

You will also hear grinding noise while drag clicking that mouse switch producce while drag clicking.

Note: You don’t have to press the button hard because this will not allow the button to bounce back. You just need to contact the button to create enough friction between the mouse button surface and your fingertip and slowly drag your finger across the mouse button.

You would need some practice to get perfect with drag clicking speed. 

How many CPS you can get in one second varies from person to person, but as a beginner, you can quickly achieve 10 to 17 CPS with practice.


Why do people struggle to Drag click?

Mastering drag clicking skill requires time and practice, but you will not get anywhere near perfection if you are not doing it right. Below are some suggestions to keep you on track.

1. Make sure your fingers are not wet.

2. You can use any towel to dry up your finger.

3. If you have sweaty hands, use some alcohol to clean your finger. It will make your fingers dry for a bit longer time.

4. Another thing to note is that when you drag click with your mouse button could get slippery because your fingers tips release liquid while drag clicking. Kepp mouse buttons clean if you feel it is slipping your finger and not giving the necessary friction.

Some additional tricks to improve drag clicking. Below are some tapes that you can use to get the suitable friction to improve your drag clicking technique.

Using drag clicking tape on the buttons to Drag Click

Grip Tape

You can use silicone grip tape and apply it to the button by cutting it to size up the mouse button. This can help improve your drag-click CPS.

Winding Electric Tape

Wire winding tape could be a cheap solution to cover the mouse button. This could also help in creating friction, and as a result, you get consistently increased drag click.

Advantages of Drag Clicking

You can achieve CPS between 15 to 25

Get competitive advantage in the game

Drag clicks are the safer way of getting high CPS than other clicking methods.

You do not put pressure on the mouse, so your best mouse will last longer.

Disadvantages of Drag Clicking

You may get banned on some gaming servers if you exceed their maximum CPS limit to get unfair advantage.


Can you drag-click on any mouse?

No, you cannot drag click with any mouse. Some people say that its possible with any double click enable mouse but you will frustate quickly. You’ll need to use gaming mice that can drag click for the best experience. Make sure that the gaming mouse you choose for drag click has the option to adjust debounce time.

Can you drag-click on the new Macbook pro or the Chromebook?

No, a mouse is the best way to drag click. However, there are some ways you can drag click on the Macbook Pro or the Chromebook, but they are not so helpful. You can not get the higher CPS.

Does drag click break the mouse?

No, drag clicking techniques does not break the mouse, but the chances are it will reduce the mouse switch life.

Is drag clicking cheating?

No, or you can say it depends. Like on some Minecraft servers, rapid tap clicking is disallowed if it exceeds a certain CPS. So you have to check the rules of servers if they allow fast clicking and what is the maximum CPS allows.

What mouse surface is best for drag clicking?

Usually, mice are available in matte or glossy bodies. It depends on your comfort and which type of mouse surface you are comfortable with.

If your fingertips release natural oil while drag clicking, I suggest you go with the matte finish mouse surface. Otherwise, a glossy surface would be the right choice.

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