What is butterfly clicking? 


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Updated: 07/16/2022
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The butterfly clicking technique is a method of clicking with a mouse to achieve a high click per second (CPS). This type of speedy clicking is required by games that depend on fast clicking to accomplish the task or knock off their opponent in the game.

 Some popular games that require fast clicking are Cookie Clicker, Dog vs. Homework, Farmville, and Minecraft are the most popular game nowadays. All these games require rapid clicking.

How to do butterfly click Step by Step

 The first thing is to get a gaming-grade mouse that can double click and is configurable because if you are gaming, you must buy a gaming mouse that can butterfly click.  

1. Grab the mouse with palm grip style.

2. You must use two fingers and place your index and middle finger on the left mouse button.

3. Now, hit the mouse button with the index finger followed by the middle finger in a consistent pattern. Repeat this process.

Butterfly clicking is the most challenging fast-clicking method; it will take some time to get used to it. With butterfly clicking, the maximum clicks in 10 seconds attained is 20+ cps which is pretty high.


 How to aim while butterfly clicking?

 There are two ways to aim with butterfly clicking. 

1. Aim with the wrist

2. Aim with a Forearm

 You move your wrist towards the target by placing some pressure on the mouse palm rest area for aiming with your wrist.

 By aiming with the forearm, you put less pressure on the mouse, keep your forearm muscles tense, and move the pointer towards the target. You do not bend your wrist in this style.

Depending on which method you feel more comfortable with, it’s up to you which style you choose.

Advantages of Butterfly Click Method

 Let’s compare butterfly clicking with other fast clicking methods like drag and jitter clicking. There are fewer chances of getting your hand hurt with butterfly clicking.

 Butterfly clicking provides better aiming than any other clicking method.

 Butterfly clicking provides you highest CPS than any other clicking method.

Disadvantage of the Butterfly Click Method

It takes time and practice to learn butterfly clicking.

Continuous clicking in butterfly style could hurt your hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is butterfly clicking banned on Minecraft Servers?

Yes, there are Minecraft servers that have AI bots that can detect unfair CPS (clicks per second), and you could be banned from playing on those servers. These AI systems were used to counter auto-clicker programs, but if the server rules say that you can not exceed a certain CPS limit, you have to comply with the rules.

How to master butterfly clicking?

Mastering butterfly clicking is not easy, or you can say it’s a bit tricky to learn at first. You have to pay attention and stay focused. The butterfly click technique requires practice and patience.

Is butterfly clicking cheating?

No, but many Minecraft servers like MMC and Hypixel do not allow it. The butterfly clicking method gives you the edge in a PVP battle, so everyone tries to attain high CPS, and if you do it wisely, you can do it without the system knowing it.

Is the butterfly click method bad for hands and fingers?

Yes, or perhaps I should say to some extent. If you do it properly and take breaks, there will be no problem. Butterfly clicking is more difficult than jitter clicking. It requires proper skill because it can give you the highest CPS than any other fast clicking method.

What are the best mice for butterfly clicking?

Butterfly clicking requires a solid mouse because you will be putting pressure on the mouse while attaining a high click rate. Moreover, you must have all the features required for rapid butterfly clicks. Such as, the mouse should be able to double-click and debounce features.

Below are some well-known gaming mice that can butterfly click better than any other regular mice.

1) Razer DeathAdder V2

2) Glorious Model O


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