Small Mouse vs Large Mouse: Which one to choose and why


Small mosue vs large mouse which is better

What mouse to select, a small mouse or a big mouse? In this post, we’ll discuss everything about small mouse vs large mouse. The simplest way to find the mouse for your hand size is to measure your hand and pick one from small, medium or large mouse size categories. The measurement size usually is as given below.

Small Mouse measurement: Length under 6.7 inches and width 2.9 – 3.3 inches

Medium Mouse measurement: Length 2.9 – 3.3 inches and width 3.3 – 3.9 inches

Large Mouse measurement: Length over 7.9 inches and width 3.9 – 4.3 inches

After picking a mouse based on the above method, users think they have selected the right mouse, but it’s not that simple. That is why you start looking for the right computer mouse again after some time. I wish finding a mouse would have been this simple, as described above.

When selecting a small or large mouse, there are several factors that you have to take into account. For instance, for what purpose do you want the mouse? Mouse ergonomics, grip style, and hand size are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a mouse.

Mouse Ergonomics

If you are going to buy a large or small mouse, I would suggest you to always go for an ergonomic mouse because it will be easy to hold the mouse. Ergonomic mice have special designs that allow a large mouse to fit in your hand comfortably. 

There are different types of ergonomic mice available. You can choose the ergonomic mice that suit your needs.

Mouse Grip Style

Your grip style determines what mouse size you should be using. There are mainly three mouse grip styles. If you hold the mouse with a claw grip or fingertip grip, a smaller mouse would be the best choice. For palm grip a large mouse is better.

Next time you buy a new mouse, keep in mind all the factors mentioned above to find the right mouse size for your hand that can serve the purpose well. 

A right mouse size will help in your work and improve mouse performance.

The below section describes different reasons to choose a small or a large mouse.

Who should select a Small Mouse

For Travellers

In general small mice are good for travel. Suppose your work requires you to travel and you use a laptop. In that case, a smaller mouse is probably best for you because you tend to use more touchpads, and in rare situations, you use a mouse. A small wireless mouse is easy to carry and takes less space

For Gamers

If you ask any experienced gamer what size mouse is the best gaming mouse majority of them will vote for a small mouse over a large mouse. Especially gamers who play action-based games like CS:GO, Valorant, or Call of Duty. All these games fall under FPS games.

The reason to use a smaller mouse is that you get more control over the movement. The downside of a small mouse for gaming is it poses more strain on your overall hand and wrist, which could cause carpal tunnel syndrome in the long term.

Now here is the catch when selecting the mouse size, if you have larger hands, a medium size mosue could suit you, which means, in this case, a medium-size mouse would be a small mouse for your hand size.

Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference. You have to try different mice to find the perfect match for the given user, which is why many users have multiple mice for different purposes.

Some may tell us that a smaller mouse for playing games and use a trackball mouse for work.

Who should select a Large Mouse

For work

For users with larger hands, wider wrists, or long fingers, a larger mouse is best for work and routine use. People who have extra large hands don’t have any choice but to use a small size mouse because if they use it, they will hurt their hands. Because if you can’t hold a mouse properly, you can’t work with it, it will affect your performance.

For Gamers

Many gamers use a larger mouse because they use a palm grip. To put your wrist on the mouse, it must have some space to place the wrist on it; you can’t be comfortable with a small narrower mouse.

Usually, people with extra larger hands have wider hand width, and if the mouse is not big enough to accommodate your grip width, it would be difficult to play the game with a small mouse.

Another point to note here is that if you can’t grab the mouse easily, you can’t do work that requires precision.

There are several ergonomic mice available for extra large hands.

A study by Cornell University revealed that a larger computer mouse could reduce the risk of a wrist injury.


The discussion above provides ample information about Small mice vs Large Mice. It is important to first find out for what purpose you want a mouse, both small and large mice could be useful once you identify the mouse use.

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