Mouse vs Trackpad Which is batter?


Mouse vs Touchpad

In this post, I will explain everything about the mouse vs trackpad. How are the trackpad and mouse different?

I have been using the computer mouse since 1995. I know how important a mouse is. However, several devices, like a trackpad, can be used to move the cursor precisely on the screen.
You can’t find a single computer that doesn’t have a trackpad. The trackpad is easy to use, but still, many people prefer a computer mouse.

The mouse and trackpad are the two widely used and most popular means to operate the computer pointer. The debate about trackpad vs mouse is as old as these inventions are.

History of Mouse and Touchpad

The mouse has an interesting history of evolution, it was first built in 1974 by Xerox, and in the 90s, it became the favorite tool to control computer pointers. To operate a mouse, you grab the device and move it on a smooth surface to move the pointer on the computer monitor.

On the contrary, with a trackpad, you move your fingertip on a specific surface area to move the mouse pointer. 

Trackpad or touchpad, also known as glide pad, was built in 1988 by George E. Gerpheide. For computers it was first used by Apple on a laptop named PowerBook, and since then, it has been an essential part of laptops. 

You can also use a touchpad for pointing with desktop computers

by attaching an external touchpad.

Both trackpads and computer mice are used widely in computing devices, and both have their own upside and downside of use. Which you prefer depends on personal preference and situation. Both devices have been well established over the years as input-pointing devices.

Difference between mouse and touchpad



Mouse is round shaped device that can fit in hand.

Touchpad is a flat geometrical rectangular surface 

A mouse sends input we you move the mouse on the surface.

Surface of the trackpad is sensitive to motion and tracks mouse pointer location when you move your fingertip on it.

All computer mice have two basic buttons, and there could be more programmable buttons.

All computer trackpad has two basic buttons.

To click on a mouse, you have to press the button.

To click, you tap on the glide pad or press the relevant button.

Mouse can be used with computers and laptops.

Touchpad are mostly part of the laptops or you can also have a separate addon trackpad for desktop computers.


Which is better Mouse or Touchpad

Which pointing device is better, a trackpad or a mouse? This debate could lead to a never-ending discussion. There are several arguments you can pitch for both devices.

As the number of traveling employees is growing, they seem more comfortable with a trackpad due to its mobility. The workforce who travel while on their job have laptops, and carrying a mouse could be an additional thing to take care of on the go. So a built-in trackpad on a laptop is a better choice.

Some users also argue that you can’t work with a mouse on a plane even if you fly in a VIP seat. Another argument is that a mouse is better than a trackpad when it comes to performance. There are several tasks that can’t be done properly with a trackpad.

In the remaining article, we will look into different aspects of both input devices from different angles.

 Touchpad vs MouseProductivity

As you know, more and more users are moving to laptops due to their portability and compactness. A trackpad is an essential part of laptops. So more users are using it for their everyday work.

 But still, this phenomenon has not lowered the sale of mice. Most users who use laptops also buy a mouse.

When we investigated and did some research on trackpad versus mouse, we found out that a mouse is a better performer when it comes to speed and accuracy, according to Michael Liut’s research, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada.

According to a study conducted by Logitech Ergo Lab, the mouse is the key missing ingredient for optimal productivity on a laptop. The result of the study shows that people who used mice were 50% more productive when using a mouse vs a trackpad, and also 30% efficiency increase was observed.

In simple words, without any jargon of words, a mouse is best for productivity.

1) A mouse is more productive when you need to do repetitive tasks. Such as copy and paste because the selection is easy with a mouse rather than a trackpad when you have to do it repeatedly.

2) A mouse is more suitable for precision work. There are special mice for graphic design, CAD, or 3D works. There are several maneuvers you can’t do with a trackpad to perfection.

3) If you work on multiple screens, a mouse is the best choice because moving the pointer on multiple screens with a trackpad could hurt your hand in the long run.

A Trackpad could be the best choice in certain situations.

1) A trackpad is best for you when you travel for your work.

2) If you don’t do precision work go for a touchpad

For productivity mouse is the winner

Trackpad vs Mouse Gaming

Trackpads were designed for laptops so that users don’t have to carry the mouse with them; one less thing to carry with you.

All most modern games are played with mice though many play it on a touchpad or game controller. If you are a serious gamer mouse should be your first choice because there are certain movements that you can make with a mouse batter rather than a touchpad on a laptop or a detached trackpad.

You can casually play games with a mouse, but it’s not built to play games.

For gaming mouse is the winner

Trackpad vs Mouse for Developers or Programming

Programmers or developers extensively use a keyboard, and when it comes to pointer tracking, they prefer a trackpad over a mouse.
I am not saying that they hate the mouse. It’s because a touchpad is more naturally aligned with the keyboard. If you are a coder, you probably don’t want your hands to move away from the keyboard for using a mouse.
A touchpad is placed just under the keyboard. A coder doesn’t have to move their hand away from the keyboard to move the mouse pointer.

For developers or programmers, a trackpad is more suitable and a winner.

Mouse vs Trackpad Ergonomics 

External touchpad vs Vertical mouse

Trackpads tend to be more ergonomic because you keep your hand towards the center and don’t have to stretch your arm to grab or move the mouse. Touchpads can be used with both hands, which is good because you can give some rest to the one hand and keep working with other hand. So when it comes to ergonomics, touchpads have a slight edge over mice. Still, you will lose on the productivity and performance side.

There are several trackpad mice like Mousetrapper or a bit unusual mouse model like Roller mouse. You can use them as an alternative to a mouse if you don’t want to use a mouse or touchpad. Both Rollermouse and Mousetrapper are ergonomically sound for your arm and wrist pain.

A simple flat mouse has no ergonomics. However, most mice are manufactured today by considering ergonomics because it’s important for your hand, arm, and wrist posture. An ergonomic vertical mouse keeps your hand in a natural handshake position. If you are facing any pain or problem with your hand, you can also use a special ergonomic mouse.

More, if you have a problem moving your wrist, you can use a trackball mouse. Trackball mice are available in finger-operated trackball mice and thumb-operated trackball mice. Both are ergonomically proven best for productivity and perception works like architect designing.

Trackpad vs Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

There is no scientific reason that carpal tunnel is caused by using a mouse or touchpad. It’s you, how you use your hand. If you use your hand to operate the trackpad or mouse improperly for a prolonged time. It could hurt your hand, also called mouse pain, so learn how to use these devices properly.

If I must compare mouse vs trackpad for carpal tunnel syndrome, my vote is in favor of the trackpad. Because using a trackpad keep your arm and hand posture in a better position than a mouse.

A trackpad has a slight edge over the mouse, so the trackpad is the winner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Touchpad versus Mouse

  • A touchpad built-in into a laptop becomes highly portable.

  • A built-in trackpad does not occupy a USB port.

  • You can use a trackpad conveniently anywhere, on your bed, on the couch, or even on an airplane.

  • A built-in trackpad does not require you to install any software to use it. Usually, all OS has the generic software to make them work.

  • Working with a trackpad takes time to get perfect.

  • Touchpads are more prone to be touched accidentally repeatedly, which can cause the problem in your work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mouse versus Touchpad

  • A mouse is more precise in terms of making quick, precise movements

  • A mouse can have multiple buttons and a scroll wheel for conveniently scrolling through pages.

  • You can program mouse buttons to perform a specific action when triggered.

  • A mouse requires space to operate

  • A wired and wireless mouse occupies one USB port.


Both mouse and trackpad are useful for computer users and will stay with us for a long time. The question is not which one you should avoid. The real question is when to use a trackpad instead of a mouse and wise versa. We have discussed every aspect of the mouse vs trackpad. Each of them has its importance in a given situation. You have to decide which one you should use. A mouse is superior in productivity, and the trackpad beats the mouse when it comes to ease of mobility.

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