6 Best Mouse for Trigger Finger


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Updated: 02/21/2023

If you have reached this post, it’s likely because you are experiencing trigger finger or finger pain.

With the pain in your fingers, it is not easy to do any hand work. If your job involves working on a computer with a mouse, consider one of the best mice for trigger fingers mentioned in this post.

Why use a mouse that helps with the trigger finger problem?

Working with a mouse when experiencing finger pain can worsen the condition and make it difficult to work efficiently. You may spend more time adjusting your fingers on the mouse instead of focusing on your work.

What mouse to use for the trigger finger?

In addition to treatment, using an ergonomic mouse can be beneficial for those with trigger finger. It can help you work and prevent further injury to your fingers when using a mouse.

Fortunately, there are mice available that can be helpful for hand and finger-related problems such as trigger fingers, arthritic fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, and injuries caused by repetitive strain.

List of best mice for trigger finger

Best Ergonomic Mouse for Finger Pain


1. FinCurv(TM) Finger-Driven Mouse - For users with serious trigger finger problems - Best mouse for finger pain 

2. CONTOUR ROLLERMOUSE RED - Does not require you to grip the mouse. More helpful to provide relief for thumb tendonitis.

3. ELECOM RELACON HANDHELD TRACKBALL MOUSE - It cankeep your fingers curled and relaxed state

4. Unique Station Mouse - Wireless Finger Ring mouse, useful when finger hurts from streaching.

5. Kensington Vertical Mouse - Best mouse to prevent carpal tunnel

6. 3M Wireless JoyStick Mouse - Best easy grip Joystick mouse for weak fingers and thumb also good for thumb tendonitis

Before we look into the mice that can be helpful for finger pain and related problems, let’s first get to know a bit about the problem.

What is the trigger finger problem?

Trigger finger is caused by a problem in your finger tendons, which help flex your thumb and fingers. This condition limits your ability to stretch or bend your fingers and can affect more than one finger.

What are the Symptoms of the Trigger Finger ?

Symptoms of trigger finger include:

    • Stiff fingers, especially in the morning
    • Locked fingers that cannot be straightened
    • A bump or tenderness at the base of the affected finger
    • Swelling in the fingers.

What are the possible causes of the trigger finger?

Below are some causes that could lead to developing trigger finger:

  • Work that requires gripping with the hands for long periods of time
  • Hobbies or work that involve repetitive hand tasks
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, as these conditions make a person more prone to developing trigger finger
  • People who already have carpal tunnel syndrome.

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1. FinCurv(TM) Finger-Driven Mouse – Best mouse for trigger finger

Mouse with finger tray for trigger finger - Tech and About

FinCurv mouse has introduced a unique approach to using the mouse. It does not require you to put pressure on your fingers. Your fingers remain in a relaxed position, which is great for users who suffer from trigger fingers. This mouse has a special body design that allows you to hold it in a natural loose-fist posture.

You put all your fingers in the mouse tray except your thumb. In this way, you don’t have to grip the mouse. You move your hand without gripping the mouse.

Two buttons on the thumb side are arranged in vertical order. These buttons can be accessed with the thumb.

You can move the mouse easily without putting any strain on the fingers.

I like its finger space tray idea. It allows your fingers to remain flexible and free while using this mouse. 

best mouse for trigger finger

Mouse Features:

  • Connectivity: Wired and wireless
  • Design: Ergonomic, Horizontal Design
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Scroll Wheel: yes, 2-Way
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand
  • Power: Wire
  • Buttons: 2 standard buttons
  • OS compatibility: Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux

Pros and Cons:

The FinCurv mouse has an unusual appearance, and its body design is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office. It was developed after extensive research and testing to address users who suffer from trigger fingers.

With this mouse, your fingers remain in a comfortable position, and the side thumb buttons are well-placed but a bit stiff.

However, this mouse is not ideal for playing games or work that requires fast clicking.

Reason to Buy:

FinCurv has a tray where you can place your fingers comfortably. The loose grip avoids putting pressure on your wrist and fingers. The initial model was only available with a wire; now, it is also available with a wireless option.

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2. Contour RollerMouse Red 

best mouse for trigger finger

The Contour Design company is well known for its research and development in ergonomics. One of their most popular products is the Rollermouse, which is suitable for users with problems like trigger finger, CTS, and shoulder pain caused by RSI.

The Rollermouse has a bar-shaped body, and its unique design provides many benefits that a standard mouse cannot offer. The top three benefits of this Bar Roller mouse are given below:

  1. The Rollermouse is placed right under your keyboard, which prevents you from stretching your arm like you have to do with a standard mouse. Instead, it keeps your arms inwards in the centre.
  2. To move the mouse cursor, you don’t have to grip it. You move the roller on the Rollermouse without grabbing it, which is good for users who have finger pain or cannot grip.
  3. The design of this mouse is ambidextrous, so you can use it with both hands. This helps avoid problems that arise from repetitive strain injuries.

Contour Rollermouse Red for trigger finger problem

Contour Rollermouse has all the features that standard mice have. You can change the speed of the cursor.
You can change the DPI on the fly to change the sensitivity level of the pointer.

It has two main buttons and a separate button set for double-clicking, which you can change as needed.
The scroll wheel is clickable like conventional mice.

The major difference between Rollermouse and the standard mouse is its patented roller bar technology. It is used to position the cursor on the screen.

Rollermouse Features:

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Design: Ergonomic Bar Design
  • Sensor: Laser snesor
  • Scroll Wheel: yes, 2-Way
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right-Hand
  • Buttons: 7 buttons
  • OS compatibility: Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux

Pros and Cons

I would suggest this Rollermouse to users suffering from trigger finger, wrist pain, or shoulder pain. If you continue using the regular flat mouse, you will worsen your hand and finger pain.

Working with a bar mouse will be difficult at first, but with time you’ll get used to it.

This Roller mouse is not ideal for graphic design or photo editing.

Another downside is that it’s large and not easy to carry around. It takes up more space than a standard mouse.

Reasons to Buy:

If we count, the comfort and ergonomic value that Rollermouse Red offers it’s far better than the regular mouse we use daily. It is the best choice for the long run for your hand health.

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3. ELECOM Relacon Handheld Trackball Mouse


When you have pain in your fingers, whether it’s due to trigger finger or arthritis, your whole arm gets tired quickly due to the fatigue factor. You need a mouse that can be used anywhere.

The ELECOM Relacon Handheld Trackball Mouse can be used anywhere; you don’t need to sit actively in front of the computer to use it. It’s a handheld wireless trackball mouse. Unlike all the standard or trackball mice, you don’t need this mouse to place it on your computer desk to use it.

It has a hand-sculpted shape, making it easy to fit in your fist, and you don’t have to grip it tightly. You can hold it in a relaxed way, and you can use it in any hand position.

The trackball is held in with three bearings. You can pop out the ball by pressing it from the back of the mouse to clean the trackball chamber.

The two main buttons are placed on the front side of the mouse, which can be accessed with your index and middle finger.

This mouse also has multimedia buttons. You can play, pause, forward, rewind, and jump to the next track with a click.

It has a four-way scroll wheel that is clickable. You can change its DPI with a button on the left side. If you are using an extended screen, you can increase the cursor speed so that the pointer can travel more in a single stroke.

It can be used with both hands, so keep switching between hands. This is a good practice to avoid RSI. It is the best wireless mouse for arthritis.

Alternate Options:

The alternative to the ELECOM Relacon Handheld Trackball Mouse is the EIGIIS Trackball Handheld Finger Mouse.

The EIGIIS handheld trackball mouse has a ring that you wear on your index finger and use the trackball mouse with your thumb. In contrast, the ELECOM Relacon has no ring and can be held like any object in your fist.

The EIGIIS Trackball is more suitable for those who cannot grip anything due to trigger finger.


Relacon Mouse Features:

  • Connectivity: Wireless 2.4 GHz or Blutooth
  • Design: Ergonomic Trackball mouse (Handheld )
  • Sensor: Optical Trackball Sensor
  • Scroll Wheel: yes, 4-Way
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Power: Two AAA batteries
  • Buttons: 10
  • OS compatibility: ‎Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, macOS, Chromebook

Pros and Cons:

ELECOM Relacon has a durable body with ten buttons aptly placed on it. The trackball does not fall off even if you turn it upside down. You can configure its buttons, but DPI has limited fixed options to choose from. The Elecom software works on Windows OS only. Once the settings are saved, you can use them on any operating system.

The trackball is made of a rubber-like material and is durable. If it falls off its cup, it is not damaged, and you can put it back easily.

You can choose between the wireless 2.4 GHz model or the Bluetooth model, but both connectivity options are not available in the same model.

Moreover, the Bluetooth model does not support hot-swapping between multiple devices.

It’s best for users who have pain in their fingers, elbow or shoulder because there is no set body position to use it, and you can use it in any position in your hand.

Reason to Buy:

Relacon Handheld Trackball Mouse is a lightweight mouse that you can hold in your hand without pinching, which is suitable for fingers with pain.

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4. Unique Station Finger Mouse – Best Wireless Finger Mouse

Wearable Finger mouse for trigger finger - Tech and About

In some cases of trigger finger, you may feel pain when trying to use a regular mouse. In such situations, the Unique Station finger mouse can be a good alternative. It’s designed based on a unique concept and can be worn like a finger ring, with the index finger being the most suitable, although the middle finger works fine too.

The mouse is lightweight and comfortable to use, and you won’t feel any extra weight on your finger except for the feeling of wearing the mouse. It’s nicely designed and has all the essential features that a mouse should have. In the beginning, you may struggle to work with it, but after some practice, it will become easier.

The Unique Station finger mouse is easy to carry around and can be put in your pocket or bag. Its sensor can operate from a distance of two inches, which is not commonly found in other available mice. You can also type on the keyboard while wearing this mouse without any issues.

The sensor quality is above average, and it can work on any surface, including cloth or glass.


Specifications in a Glance:

  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, Wire
  • Design: Ergonomic Wearable Finger Mouse
  • Sensor: Optical Sensor
  • Scroll Wheel: yes
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery
  • Buttons: 3
  • OS compatibility: Works with Windows OS

Pros and Cons:

What I like most about the Unique Station finger mouse is that in a tiny body, this mouse offers many features that many regular mice do not have. It has three buttons, one scroll wheel, and three modes of connectivity, which are Bluetooth, wireless, and wired.

If I have to compare this mouse with any other mouse, it would be the Mini Finger mouse. The Mini Finger mouse has better build quality than the Unique Station finger mouse, but it has only wired connectivity.

Reason to Buy:

If you feel helpless due to the pain in your fingers and want a device that can work like a mouse without hurting your finger, try the Unique Station wireless mouse. You don’t need to grip it to work with it. Instead, you wear it on your finger.

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5. Kensington Vertical Mouse- Best ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel

The problems related to mouse pain are caused by the angle at which we hold the mouse. The Kensington vertical mouse could help keep your hand at an angle that is good for your hand.

Its body design provides support to your thumb and pinky finger so that you don’t have to apply effort to prevent the mouse from falling off.

The Kensington ergonomic mouse design improves the posture of your forearm and wrist and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome while keeping your sore fingers relaxed.


The mouse has a decent sensor that allows you to control the cursor’s sensitivity levels. You can set the DPI to predefined values, which are 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400.

Getting used to this mouse could take some time. Some may argue that vertical mice are not great for productivity, but research and test results support these types of mice for hand health.

You can use Kensington’s ergonomic mouse for any type of work. Its body design provides support to your thumb and pinky finger, so you don’t have to apply effort to prevent the mouse from falling. The Kensington ergonomic mouse design improves the posture of your forearm and wrist and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, keeping your sore fingers relaxed.

Alternate option:

Another great option for a vertical mouse is the Perixx vertical mouse, which offers the same benefits as the Kensington Vertical Mouse but comes in a cool white color.


Specifications in a Glance:

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Design: Ergonomic Form Factor
  • Sensor: Optical Sensor
  • Scroll Wheel: yes
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Hand
  • Power: 1 x AA battery
  • Buttons: 5
  • OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Chrome

Pros and Cons:

The Kensington vertical mouse is a helpful device for users experiencing pain in their fingers. The overall size of the mouse is suitable for small to medium-sized hands.

The buttons are easy to access and have a reasonable size. Users with small fingers can also easily access and click them.

The mouse is wireless, but it does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Reason to Buy:

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger, you should consider using this ergonomic mouse. It is one of the best mice for hand pain-related problems.

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6. 3M Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse – Best Joystick Mouse

When you have pain in your fingers, it can be difficult to grip a mouse. With trigger finger problems, your fingers can get locked, meaning you can’t bend or straighten them without the help of your other hand. Using a computer mouse in these conditions can be painful.

The 3M Joystick mouse can help in the above-mentioned condition. This mouse is similar to gaming gear that you might have played with in your childhood.

This mouse has a vertical stick in the center of the mouse body that you can hold with a loose grip. This gripping style can provide relief to your fingers while working with this mouse.

The loose grip style allows you to control the mouse without putting pressure on your fingers. This also keeps your hand in a natural position. Your hand rests on the mouse base, and you can move it just as you would a standard mouse.

The mouse’s left and right buttons are placed on the top of the Joystick, which can be pressed easily with minimal thumb pressure.


Joystick Mouse Features:

  • Connectivity: Wired and Wireless
  • Design: Ergonomic Joystick
  • Sensor: Optical Sensor
  • Scroll Wheel: yes
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Power: 2 AAA Batteries
  • Buttons: 3
  • OS compatibility: Works with most OS, Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux

Pros and Cons:

The natural way of holding the Joystick mouse provides relief for finger tendon problems and is also beneficial for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pointing the cursor correctly could be difficult initially, but with time, you will learn to control it.

If you have a trigger finger problem in your thumb, it could be difficult to use the buttons because they can only be pressed with the thumb.

It takes up more space to operate the 3M Joystick mouse than a regular mouse.

Reason to Buy:

With trigger fingers, your ability to grip is affected, which makes it difficult to use a mouse. With the Joystick mouse, you can use it with a relaxed grip. With this mouse, you can work without worsening your trigger finger problem.

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Users with trigger finger problems do not pay much attention to the mouse they are using. As a result, they end up making the problem more worse. It is essential to have an ergonomic mouse that can help with trigger finger conditions. This not only enables you to work with ease but also helps reducing the pain.

We have reviewed the best mouse for trigger fingers that you can get. Each mouse offers a different way to provide relief to your hand. My top recommended mice are as below.

  1. Mouse with Finger Tray
  2. Roller Bar Mouse
  3. Handheld Trackball Mouse

NoteHoneycomb mice are also good for hands because they are the most lightweight mice and put the least stress on the wrist while using them.

Mouse Buying Guide

Buying Guide:

How to choose an ergonomic mouse for the trigger finger?

There is no simple answer to this question. Any mouse that can keep your fingers in a comfortable position and require minimum effort to use the mouse is the ideal mouse for the trigger finger. The above list of mice provides relief in different ways; choose one that suits you.

FAQs – Ergonomic Mouse for Trigger Finger

Are vertical mice better for the fingers?

Yes, because when you hold them, you pose as if you are handshaking. The vertical mice are also known as the handshake mice.

The handshake position prevents your forearm bones from twisting, which is not the case with standard flat mice. Normal mice put pressure on your wrist, forearm, and shoulder depending on how you’re sitting and holding it.

With handshake mice, you can avoid rotating the forearm bones (the ulna and the radius) while using the mouse. It is a good position for the whole arm.

Vertical mice can help avoid problems like RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome, which can lead to trigger fingers.

Does jitter clicking cause arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome?

You can’t get carpal tunnel syndrome due to jitter clicking because your wrist remains in the air. Also, arthritis is not caused by jitter clicking; it occurs due to certain medical conditions.


Trigger fingers, arthritis, tendons in fingers, and carpal tunnel are some growing issues related to mouse use. The suggested list of mice above can be helpful in the relief of pain. But these mice should not be considered as treatment. If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned finger, wrist, or hand problems, we suggest you seek treatment advice from relevant professional physicians.

Our recommendations and suggestions are not medical advice or an alternative for expert help.

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