Which Method Gives High CPS and Is Best for Speed Clicking: Jitter Vs Butterfly Clicking


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 The two popular methods of clicking in Minecraft to get high CPS are Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking. Both ways of clicking can be used in Minecraft PVP combat and against mob attacks. But the question is which one is better that gives high CPS and is good for your hand. :Let’s examine Jitter Vs Butterfly clicking to find out which one is best.

Both clicking styles have different ways of holding the mouse and different clicking style. Both methos are used to click faster.

The below table describes the key operating difference between Butterly and Jitter clicking.


Butterfly Clicking

Jitter Clicking

The gamer uses two fingers on the mouse to click for the butterfly clicking.

The index finger is used for Jitter clicking.

Generally, the hand’s index finger and middle finger are used to Butterfly click.

Other fingers could support the index finger but do not use to click the button.

For Butterfly clicking, your palm rest on the mouse top, and you press the button with your fingers to click rapidly.

You vibrate your forearm to the finger for Jitter clicking by tensioning the whole arm. Your arm has to be raised in the air to Jitter click properly.

You use your index finger and middle finger movement to click the button turn by turn for butterfly clicking.

For Jitter clicking, you don’t have to move your finger. Instead, you vibrate your arm to click rapidly.

You use your wrist or forearm to aim with the butterfly clicking method.

For aiming, you grip the mouse with your thumb and pinky finger and move the mouse to aim at the target.

Butterfly clicking uses the palm grip.

Jitter clicking, use a fingertip grip style; you don’t rest your palm on the mouse.

You put extra pressure on the mouse top area to grip it.

You put extra pressure on the side of the mouse to grip it.

It would help if you warmed up your arm to get a better result.

As you can infer from the above table Jitter Vs Butterfly Clicking styles has different approaches to achieving high click per second. 

 Let’s now look at some of the pros and cons of Jitter clicking and Butterfly clicking.


Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Jitter clciking.

  • Easy to adapt the technique to get high CPS

  • You can do Jitter clicking on any mouse.

  • Jitter clicking requires building up stamina for continuously hitting the mouse button.

  • Jitter clicking makes your entire arm tired.

  • Aiming with jitter clicking is a bit difficult.



Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Butterfly clciking.

  • Butterfly clicking does not require building stamina.

  • Butterfly clicking does not require warming up your hand or arm to get started.

  • Aiming with butterfly clicking is easy.

  • You can get 15 to 20+ CPS.

  • It takes time to adapt the butterfly clicking technique.

  • Require intense practice to get perfect

  • Butterfly clicking is not consistent on a non-double click mouse.

Butterfly Clciking gifButterfly Clicking Demo JIF

All rapid clicking methods create serious physical health problems relating to hand and arm.

With Jitter clicking, you tense up your forearm, which could lead to pain in the full arm, shoulder, and neck.

With butterfly clicking, you strain your wrist or forearm, which is not good in the long run.


In the Minecraft game, gamers use both Jitter and Butterfly to achieve high CPS, allowing you to take less knockback in PVP or against the mob. Also, in the Minecraft game, you can place blocks faster with better butterfly clicking than any other clicking method. 

Note: Some Minecraft servers have banned mouse striking techniques, they restrict to go above a specific click per second limit; you could be banned or kicked out of the game.

This does not means that you can’t use these techniques for higher CPS, in fact servers ban because some gamers use auto clicker softwares to take unfair advantage.

An average person butterfly CPS could be between 10 to 12 clicks and same is with drag clicking method.

Both Jitter and butterfly clicking method could break your mouse. The mouse is more likely to break earlier than jitter clicking with butterfly clicking because you literally slap the mouse while butterfly clicking.


Both the clicking styles are popular among the gamers and you can do quick burst of clicks, but if we compare Butterfly vs Jitter clicking on the whole jitter clicking is easy to get used to, but it can hurt your arm in the long run. Butterly clicking is safer than jitter clicking because it poses less toll on your hand. With Butterfly clicking, you can achieve greater CPS than jitter clicking, and aiming with butterfly clicking is easy.


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