How to clean a white mouse with yellow stains on it?


Updated: 2/20/22023


You might have noticed that your white mouse can turn yellow over time, and it doesn’t look too pretty.

But unfortunately, regular cleaning methods won’t do the trick when it comes to removing those yellow stains from your mouse.

Some folks might suggest using alcohol wipes to get rid of the yellowing, but it won’t be effective.

Fun Fact:

Here’s a fun fact: the yellowing of your mouse has nothing to do with dirt, sweat, or grime as you might think. It’s actually the plastic material that’s causing the yellowing.

Most electronic manufacturers use ABS plastic, which contains a small amount of “Bromine” to help resist heat and make it safer to use. But over time, the Bromine molecules can start showing up on the surface due to UV radiation exposure.

Only white mice made of ABS plastic will show yellowing, and if the plastic is a different color, you might not even notice any color change.

How to reverse yellow stain on white mouseHow to reverse the process of turning white mouse yellow

To get your mouse back to its original white color, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

There are two types of hydrogen peroxide: liquid and cream.

But to get rid of those pesky yellow stains on your mouse, you’ll need “Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2,” which is actually a hair bleach.

To do the trick, we’ll use the cream form of hydrogen peroxide to remove the yellow color from your white mouse.

The reason we don’t use the liquid form is that it’s hard to handle and requires dismantling your mouse and dipping the yellow parts in the liquid H2O2.

Using the cream is a much easier and safer way to use hydrogen peroxide, and you’ll need less of it to cover your mouse than if you were using the liquid H2O2.

Things you need to clear the yellow color on the white mouse

1) Hydrogen peroxide cream with 12% concentration (It’s safe to use. People apply it on their hair every day)

2) Pair of surgical gloves 

3) Safety glass for eyes safety

4) 25 mm small paint brush for pasting cream on the mouse

5) A plastic cup

6) Plastic wrapping sheet

Steps to remove yellow stains on the white mouse?

How to remove yellow stains from white mouse 

Here’s how to get that mouse clean and white:

Step 1: First, you gotta clean your mouse.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth with some mild dish soap. Gently wipe the surface to get rid of any dirt.

Need to do a deep clean? Check out the link in the first paragraph of this post to make sure your mouse is squeaky clean.

Step 2: Let the mouse dry after cleaning.

You can either leave it under a fan to air-dry or blast it with some canned air to dry up any wet spots.

Step 3: Time to apply that hydrogen peroxide.

But first, make sure to put on some gloves and safety glasses.

Grab a plastic cup and pour in some of the hydrogen peroxide cream. Then, use a paintbrush to apply it all over your mouse.

Step 4: Wrap the mouse in plastic and let it bask in the sun.

Once you’ve applied the cream, wrap up your mouse in plastic to keep the hydrogen peroxide from evaporating.

Leave it out in the sunshine for at least 6 hours.

Step 5: Take off the plastic and clean up your mouse.

Mouse after removing yellow stain 1

Now that you’ve let your mouse soak up that hydrogen peroxide, it’s time to take off the plastic wrap. You’ll see that those yellow stains have disappeared like magic.

Next up, grab a damp cloth and give your mouse a good cleaning. You can also use some alcohol wipes to get rid of any remaining cream and kill off any bacteria

Precautions for cleaning white mouse with Hydrogen Peroxide for removing yellow stainsSafety precautions for using hydrogen peroxide bleach

  1. Make sure to wear gloves when working with that hydrogen peroxide bleach cream. If you touch it with your bare hands, it could cause some nasty inflammation.
  2. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with some goggles too!

Following these steps will get rid of those yellow stains and get your mouse back to its original white color. And if you’ve got any other white plastic items that are turning yellow, you can use this method to bring them back to life too!

Bonus Information

Remove yellow stain from any plastic object

This method isn’t just good for your mouse – you can use it to clean up any white plastic item that’s starting to turn yellow! Got a yellowed computer or a pale-looking white juicer? This trick will work on them too.

Just take a look at the image above – that plastic was totally yellowed out, but after treatment with the hydrogen peroxide cream, it’s all shiny and new again!

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