How to Improve Mouse Control?


How to improve mouse control

Improving mouse control is the most important thing as a gamer or for doing precision work. If you can’t control your mouse, you will not be able to maintain steady and consistent mouse accuracy.

In this post, we’ll be looking at how to improve mouse control? What factors do you have to pay attention to have better mouse control?

Important Note

Improving mouse control and movement takes time, a lot of it. You must have patience. Consistency is key to success because practice makes perfect. By practicing, you build muscle memory over time, which helps you accurately control the mouse.

Many users quickly get frustrated and change the mouse or mouse settings, believing it will help them. I advise reading this full article to find out every factor that can facilitate you to get full control of the mouse.

Once you know how to do it and what micro adjustments you need to make over time with practice, you can be the master of mouse control.

The below section of the article discusses the six key factors that have a direct effect on performance and control over the mouse.

1) Mouse Selection

Optical or Laser Sensor Mouse

For gamers, an optical mouse is best and provides better control in the game because you need to act fast and make sudden movements. In this kind of movement, an optical mouse can perform better than a laser mouse.

A mouse with a laser sensor benefits professional work like graphic editing, CAD designing, or 3D modeling. A laser sensor mouse is more powerful for precision and accurate tracking at the micro level, where you have to make small movements at a slow pace.

Choose the right mouse sensor laser or optical once you identify your need.

Wired or Wireless Mouse

Many gamers like to use a wired mouse, but wireless mice are getting popular among gamers too. I recommend using a quality wireless gaming mouse because a wired mouse cable could become a hurdle in controlling the mouse unexpectedly; this could affect your performance.

If you can handle the wire well, then no problem going with a wired mouse.

Before you decide, give reasonable consideration to wired vs. wireless mice.

Mouse Ergonomics

Mouse shape could play an important role in controlling the mouse during prolonged gaming sessions. An ideal ergonomic mouse should allow you to grip the mouse with ease.

An ergonomic mouse is designed in a way so that you can grip the mouse with comfort and prevent putting unnecessary strain on your wrist.

There are several types of ergonomic mice available. Select a horizontal ergonomic mouse with thumb or pinky finger support for gaming. Most ergonomic gaming mice have contoured designs.

If your hands get sweaty, quickly select an ergonomic mouse that is sweat resistant.

Mouse Size

The mouse size is also important for better mouse control. If you have small hands, and the mouse you use is large comparing your hand, you will face problems controlling the mouse.

A mouse size plays an important role in gaming; a smaller mouse is more suitable for FPS games if you use a claw grip or fingertip grip style.

For professional work, mostly a palm grip is used, so your mouse size should accommodate your hand properly.

Choosing between a small or large mouse size could be a complex decision.

2) Mouse Grip Style

There are three mouse grip styles that gamers use. All types of mouse grips offer different types of control over the movement of the mouse. So selecting the right mouse according to your grip style become essential for better mouse control.

Claw and Fingertip Grip

Claw and Fingertip grip styles are best for flicking in a game or working on spreadsheets and multiple screens because you need to act quickly and precisely. Using an ambidextrous mouse provides better control in making such moves with Claw and Fingertip grip.

Palm Grip

The palm grip is the most relaxed grip; it’s also sometimes called the non-gamer grip, but still, many gamers use this grip. For Palm grip, your forearm and shoulder control the mouse movement instead of your wrist.

Usually, gamers use palm grip for MMO games that require less precession and do not require quick movement. An ergonomic shape mouse would be a good choice for accurately controlling the mouse.

3) Mouse Settings

Adjust Mouse Sensitivity?

The sensitivity of the mouse plays an important role in controlling the mouse. You can adjust it in windows OS. Some gaming mice also allow you to control it from mouse software, and some games also let you adjust the in-game sensitivity.

Below are the steps to adjust mouse sensitivity in windows 10.

1) Goto search text box, type in mouse settings

2) On the mouse settings window, click on “Mouse” on the left pane.

How to find mouse setting in Windows 10

3) Now, click on “Additional mouse options” to open a new dialog box.

4) Goto “Pointer options” tab

Mouse sensitivity dialog box

5) Adjust the slider bar under the “Motion” section. Here you can change the sensitivity level of the mouse.

6) You can uncheck the check box “Enhance pointer precision” to have mouse acceleration turned off if you want. This option turned on is not good for gaming. Turning off mouse acceleration makes mouse movement more consistent, even with high sensitivity.

Adjust Mouse DPI Setting

All the modern gaming grade or professional level mice allow you to configure the DPI settings of the mouse. DPI (Dots per inch) calculate the pixels when your mouse moves. In short, if you raise the DPI value, it will increase the sensitivity of the mouse.

You can adjust the DPI of a mouse with the software provided by the manufacturer. Some mice have prefixed DPI settings that can be toggled with a button given on the mouse.

In-game Mouse Sensitivity

Many games allow you to adjust in-game sensitivity, which sometimes overrides mouse sensitivity; you can access it in the game settings.

You must have experienced this if you have played multiple games. You must have noticed that mouse sensitivity increases or decreases when you switch games.

This happens because different games have different in-game sensitivity levels.

So check the game you are playing to see whether they allow you to configure mouse sensitivity levels. Adjust them according to your need to have more control over the mouse movements.

You can also set the mouse button configuration apart from adjusting the mouse’s sensitivity. Usually, the manufacturer software for the mouse allows you to configure the mosue button, but in case your mouse does not offer any mouse button configuration software, you can use free mouse button configuration software.


4) Mousepad

A mousepad can also affect your control over the mouse; choose a good quality mousepad for smooth glide. If the mouse is damaged or produces more resistance than required, this will affect the mouse control.

The size of the mouse also matters, if you use a mouse with a lower DPI, you would need a bit extra large mousepad, and if you use a mouse with a high DPI, a standard size mouse would be fine.

5) Polling Rate

Polling rate is the data transmission rate from mouse to computer measured in Hertz. If the mouse can configure the polling rate frequency, fix it to any higher number above or equal to 500 Hz; this is a good frequency rate to remain synced with the computer.

Once your mouse is completely synced with the attached system, it will improve mouse reaction time.

6) Weight of the Mouse

The mouse’s weight can make a difference when it comes to controlling the mouse in a better way. You need different mouse weights for different types of work or games. A lighter mouse is more suitable for fast-paced games, and a heavier mouse would be fine for small precise movements.

Several available mice on the market allow you to fine-tune the mouse’s weight and adjust the balance. So choose the mouse that is suitable for the situation.

How to practice for better mouse Control?

If you are a gamer, play games like OSU or other mouse control games requiring mouse pointing accuracy. Do it for practice and better mouse control. Start with lower mouse sensitivity. Once your mouse control is improved, go for higher sensitivity.


To improve mouse control. Several factors need to be taken into account, as mentioned above. On top, with consistent practice, you can be the master of mouse control.