Heavy mouse vs light mouseHeavy Mouse vs Light Mouse


What do you think does the weight of the mouse matter when it comes to performance? I guess you are not sure that is why you are here. Don’t worry; I’ll try my best to clear things up, what mouse would be best heavy or lightweight  mouse.

All this debate about heavier mice vs Lighter mice was started by gamers. Several esports players were advocating for light mouse, and several gamers were discarding this notion or are neutral about the reason given by pro light mouse proponents.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose between a heavier or lighter mouse because it’s important.

Do you know that weight of a mouse could impact your performance?

A small experiment was conducted on a small group of young gamers by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society to identify does mouse weight matter when it comes to performance. All The tests were to measure the performance of the first-person shooter game.

The result showed that more than 75% of the test participants preferred a lightweight mouse for FPS game. This proves that the weight of the mouse does matter. But things are not that simple. What if same set of

What is Light or Heavy Mouse, Myth Busted

This is evident that different people have different hand strength. A mouse heavy for one may be light for another person, so it’s a subjective matter.

Many propose a certain weight of a mouse be declared as a lighter mouse, like a weight around 80g. Some also suggest 65g is light too.

People who propose the ideal weight for a lightweight mouse are irrelevant; what is heavy and light varies from person to person.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lightweight Mice

  • It offers agile mouse movement

  • Put less physical stress on your hand

  • Best for prolonged gaming sessions

  • Not suitable for precision work

  • Less extra buttons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Mice

  • Suitable for more precise control

  • Best for palm grip style

  • Offer more control over mouse

  • More buttons and features

  • Some mice offer weight and balance adjustment

  • It get your arm and hand tired


How to choose between a lightweight mouse and a heavy mouse?


Heavy vs Light Mouse for General Work

When choosing between a lighter mouse vs. a heavier mouse for work or game, you have to consider for what purpose you want the mouse. If your work requires perception, usually, a bit heavier mouse would be the best mouse because a heavier mouse provides better controlled movement than a light mouse. So for accuracy’s sake, choose a heavy mice that suits your hand and easy to move.

If you work on spreadsheets and you have to move the mouse all over the spreadsheet or document or have to work on multiple screens, a lighter mouse is a better choice.

Heavy Vs Light Mouse For Gaming

The market of gaming mice is full of heavy and light mice, and all claim to be the best gaming mouse. If you go and search online for lightweight mice, you can find plenty of them. Honeycomb structure mice are pretty popular among gamers. The mouse’s weight is cut by making holes in the mouse body.

Also, you can find many heavy gaming mice with the option to adjust the weight. Some also have the feature to calibrate the mouse’s gravity, which provides additional help in the type of mouse grip you use and hand comfort.

Heavy or Light Mouse for FPS Games

A lighter mouse is best for those gamers who like to play fast-paced action games that require aiming and quick snap movements. Lightweight gaming mice allow you to make quick movements when needed, putting less stress on your wrist.

Along with a lighter mouse, a mousepad with friction enhances your control of the movements in the game. Also, pro gamers use lower to medium level DPI, which allows them to aim accurately. Many mice available have a special snipper button that lowers the DPI when pressed to take the headshot. Some examples so such games are Counter-Strike: global offensive, Call of Duty, and many others.

Some popular light mice that professional gamers use for FPS gaming is Logitech g pro x superlight, zowie FK series and 

If you love to play snipping games, the best practice is to keep the DPI high, select a heavy mouse and use a smoother mousepad for better control and accuracy.

 Heavy or Light Mouse for MMO/MOBA Games

In my opinion, for MMO games, you don’t have to worry about the mouse’s weight. Instead, select a mouse that is comfortable to use because these games don’t require pinpoint aiming. You just need a mouse with some extra buttons, programm the buttons for a specific task, and that’s it.

You can change the DPI of the mouse as you feel best based on the game pace. Mice for playing MMO games are usually a bit heavier mouse because of the extra buttons they have. A higher DPI value is more suitable because it allows you to quickly move around the maps or battlefields.

Some popular heavy mice are Steelseries Rival 650, ASUS ROG SPATHA, and CORSAIR M65.

Below is the table listing some key differences between Heavy Mouse vs Light Mouse

Heavier Mice

Lighter Mice


Could cause wrist pain when used for prolonged hours

Go easy on hand 

Aiming Games

Not ideal for FPS games

Best choice for FPS games

Build Quality

More sold and durable and has long life


Features and Buttons

Can accomodate any new feture

Can accomodate any new feture

Grip Style

Ideal for palm grip

Best for Claw and fingertip grips

Weight Bracket

120g and above concidered heavy generally

60g to 119g concidered lightweight generally


Easy to use for precise movements

Easy to use for quick long movements

Buying Guide: Key features to look for when selecting between heavy or lightweight mouse

Know how much mouse weight is heavy or lightweight for your hand

As I described above, there is no perfect weight number that fits all users. You have to find your own heavy or lightweight mouse; try different mice to determine for what game you want the mouse.

If you are going for a lighter mouse, find out how much low weight you are comfortable with. It could be as low as 60g or 70g if you want a heavy mouse, repeat the same process.

Mouse Sensitivity

Make sure that the mouse you use has the feature to adjust the sensitivity level. This is an important factor concerning the mouse weight. DPI value of the mouse determines how far your pointer travels in a small flick.

If the mouse is heavy, you would want higher dpi settings, and if the mouse is a light gaming mouse, a low dpi setting would be fine.

Mouse Size

One of the most important factors in choosing a mouse is the size of the mouse because if you can’t grab the mouse properly, you can’t use it properly. The better you can grip the mouse, the better you will perform.

Size of the mouse also depends on what mouse grip you are using. Different mouse grips require different mouse sizes.


First, determine what is heavy and light for you based on your hand strength. Once you know, you can choose between a heavy mouse vs light mouse. A lighter mouse is more suitable for fast-paced action games, and a heavy mouse would be fine for MMO games or work requiring precision.