Gaming Mouse vs. Regular Mouse: What’s the Difference


Gaming mouse vs regular mouse

All gamers who have played games on the computer. You know that mice are one of your best devices for playing games.

Some people play computer games with a normal mouse, but the problem is that it’s rather laggy and can’t keep up with modern games.
This is why if you want to play a game on your computer, you should go for a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse.

But what’s the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse? What are the advantages and disadvantages of standard and gaming mice?
In this article, we’ll examine a gaming mouse vs a regular mouse in detail. What special extra features does a gaming mouse have that give an edge over a normal mouse?

Computer mouse technology has evolved significantly over the past decade, especially gaming mice. A gaming mice looks like a regular mouse, but it’s not.
The table below describes some key differences between gaming and regular mice.

Here are some key differences between a Gaming mouse vs Normal mouse

Gaming Mouse

Regular Mouse

Gaming mice are more durable

Regular mice are not for aggressive use

Most gaming mice have a horizontal ergonomic shape

Standard mice are mostly ambidextrous

Gaming mice have more than standard buttons

Normal mice have limited functional buttons

Esports mice are highly customizable

Regular mice have fixed predefined functions

A high-quality mouse for gaming is expensive

Most simple mice are available at a low price

Some gaming mice allow adjusting the weight

Regular mice have fixed weight

Now let’s deep dive into gaming and regular mice’ details to further explore their capabilities.

Regular Mouse

I think this section should be labeled as gaming mouse vs office mouse. A regular mouse has two or a max of four buttons with predefined functions to perform when triggered and a scroll wheel.

You can use them in the office, at home, or casual gaming. Mostly the regular mice have symmetrical shapes, and you can operate them with both hands efficiently.

Standard mouse in white color

Normal mice are not ergonomically sound. If you play for prolonged gaming sessions, you could develop problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or issues relating to mouse pain.


These mice have standard optical sensors that can track well for daily work. Some improved models of the regular mouse have special sensors that have limited options to change the DPI levels of the mouse.


Before the gaming mice, all the standard mice had a fixed DPI. This provided sufficient sensitivity level to operate the mouse, but with the rise of gaming mice, option of adjustable DPI was introduced into a regular mouse too. But the user has limited control over it. With the standard mouse, you can change the DPI values preset by the manufacturer with three to four options only.

Wired or Wireless

When it comes to a gaming mouse vs a standard mouse, both options are available either you can choose a mouse with a cord or a cordless mouse; you can choose whatever you feel is best for you.

Some functions that a regular mouse can perform are as below.

Select objects

Execute commands like copy, paste, move or run an application

You can drag objects

Scroll documents or web pages

Shape and Build Material

Most Normal mice have a simple shape with no ergonomic mold in the design; you can say they have an ambidextrous( symmetrical) shape. These mice can be used with both hands. However, some modern regular mice have a bit better body and a better palm rest area.

Standard mice are built with high-quality material with a fair life span and durability.


A standard mouse has fewer buttons than a gaming mouse, but this is not always the same case; it depends on the model of the mouse. Regular mice have good quality switches that can last several years without causing problems.

RGB Lights

Regular mice have limited lights, only to indicate specific signals such as wireless on, off, and battery life indicators.


Mostly, the standard mice are not configurable, so no software is required. Usually, these mice work with an operating system built-in generic pointing driver. Many open-source mouse configuration software can enable these mice to configure but still have limitations on what they can do.

The below table lists some advantages and disadvantages of a regular mouse.

  • Great for office or generic use

  • Plug and play with no complexity

  • Reasonable price

  • Limited capabilities

  • Prone to break quickly

Below are names of some popular standard mice

V7 Standard mouse
Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse
Logitech B100 Corded Mouse

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse can perform all the functions that a regular mouse can, but it has some extra features you may not notice unless you know them. These mice are highly customizable; they can match modern game needs and provide an improved gaming experience. If you are into serious gaming, you must have a gaming mouse.

gaming mouse with side buttons

The section below will describe all the additional functions and features of a gaming mouse.


All mice that are tagged as gaming mice have a special gaming-grade sensor. A sensor in a gaming mouse is the major factor differentiating a gaming mouse from a regular mouse. 

A gaming mouse could have an optical sensor or laser sensor. Many gamers say that laser sensors are not useful for gaming.

I think it’s a debatable topic, laser mouse vs optical mouse, but you have both options. You can select the sensor you like to play the game with.

A laser sensor can work on almost any surface, eliminating the need for a mousepad. In contrast, an optical sensor does not work well on glass or glossy surfaces. Optical mice work well on a mousepad.

DPI (Dot per inch)

DPI is one of the main gaming mouse features when it comes to gaming mouse vs simple mouse. You can adjust the mouse sensitivity level of a mouse by changing the DPI value of a mouse; this plays an important role in modern games. 

DPI is the number of pixels a mouse can take into account in a single inch. This means if the DPI is set to 100 mouse sensor will register 100 different dots in a single inch.

DPI settings play an important role in fps games. It can immensely help aim at your target. It would help if you had a low DPI value. 

Many mice have a dedicated sniper button. When pressed, it lowers the DPI to the value you set in the mouse software.

Some may like higher sensitivity for quicker responses like turning or moving, the DPI of the mouse effect these moves in the game.


Not every but many gaming mice have more than a standard mouse button. You can have a mouse with up to 20 buttons. Many of these buttons are arranged on the side of a mouse. These additional buttons can be programmed to perform a certain task in the MMO or MOBA games. 

Gaming mice provide more control to a gamer in the game.

More these buttons are more durable than the standard mice. You can also store macros on the mouse and assign them to additional buttons. Macros are complex functions, or you can say a combination of keys. With macros, you can do it with a single click conveniently.

Polling Rate

Polling rate is the frequency of data a mouse sends to the computer about pointer coordinates. The polling rate feature is important for FPS (First person shooter) games, where you have to make sudden quick movements; speed matters. So to capture every move and reflect it into the game, the polling rate plays a vital role. Some mice allow you to adjust the polling rate, measured in Hz (Hertz) and can be adjusted between 1 to 1000 Hz.

A high polling rate ensures that your mouse movement is transmitted to the computer with the least delay. As a result, you get ahead of your opponent and make a move before them.


Gaming mice can have a standard mouse shape. Most gaming mice have an ergonomic shape that provides a better grip and goes easy on your hand compared to regular mice. 

Most gamers spend hours playing games and having a mouse that takes care of your hand while playing is good.

An ergonomic gaming mouse is optimized for either the right hand or left hand because it has supports for fingers and thumb.

RGB Lights

RGB lighting on gaming mice was also a reason why they became popular quickly. These mice have amazing lights that create a stunning view. These lights have no role in the performance of the mouse. However, it can ignite the excitement of the gamer. The downside is that if your mouse is wireless RGB lights drain the battery quickly.


Gaming mice are configured with software that the manufacturer provides. These mouse applications have a user-friendly interface where you can change the mouse configuration. 

Some commonly configurable options are DPI, mouse switch configuration, storing macro keys for complex tasks that require pressing multiple keys on a keyboard, and RGB lights.

Modern mice also have advanced configurable features like finding the mouse’s center of gravity for weight adjustment, lift-off distance, and angle snapping.


Selecting between a heavy or lightweight mouse is a matter of personal choice.

The good news is that some gaming mice allow you to adjust the mouse’s weight and balance. 

Mostly, gamers like a lighter mouse, but some gamers might want a heavy mouse. 

Wired or Wireless

Gaming mice are available in wired and wireless models. Many gamers prefer wired gaming, although wireless mice for gaming are as good as wired mice. But gamers argue that there could be a chance of delay or interference in the wireless transmission, which could lead to a delay in response time.

Two modes of wireless connectivity are available: 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth. A 2.4 GHz wireless connection is best for gaming because it’s reliable. And Bluetooth is suitable for casual use.

The below table lists some advantages and disadvantages of a gaming mouse.

  • Gaming mice are durable

  • Gaming mouse components are of high quality

  • Gaming mouse designs are attractive

  • Gaming mice allow you to customize mouse functions with a software

  • Expensive

Below are the names of some high end gaming mice.

Razer DeathAdder V2
Glorious Model O
Logitech G G502 LIGHTSPEED


We have discussed gaming mice vs regular mice in detail from all aspects, and it’s evident that there is a massive difference between gaming mice and regular mice. Gaming mice are far superior in every aspect compared to standard mice. However, they are a bit pricy but worth it. If you are a gamer or use a mouse for regular work, I recommend getting a gaming mouse because of its extra features and ease.

FAQ Tech and About

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a gaming mouse be used as a standard mouse?

Yes, you can use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse. It has all the functions that a standard mouse can perform.

Are gaming mouses more accurate?

Yes, a gaming mouse has a better sensor than a simple mouse; it can track accurately.

Is gaming mouse worth it?

Yes, good gaming mice are more comfortable, durable, and have more functions than a standard mouse.

What is the highest DPI on a gaming mouse?

At the writing of this post, the maximum DPI you can set is 20K. Razer Focus+ optical sensor is among the best, with a maximum of 20,000 DPI.