Gaming Mouse Software for Any Mouse


Modern games are more complex and demanding, and all the gears and accessories for games are also evolving, and new features are introduced. A gaming mouse is the essential component of PC gaming. You will find several gaming mice with many features and extra buttons that can be configured through manufacturer software, or you can program them with a gaming mouse software for any mouse.

There are plenty of options in a modern gaming mouse that you can change as per your need, which means you have more control over the mouse functions, allowing you to dominate the game. For instance, you can change the DPI, change what a specific button does when triggered, change light shades and much more.

Several gaming mice are loaded with buttons that can be accessed with fingers or thumb. These extra mouse buttons can make a significant difference in the game. For instance, with these additional buttons, you can load the gun, check your score, switch your weapon, view the map and many more actions you can map to these buttons.

The problem dealing with multiple mouse brand software

Most actions, as mentioned above, are used in MMO or MOBA games, and you have to configure the mouse switches to act accordingly. The problem arises when gamers have multiple mice, and each mouse has there own manufacture supplied software to configure them.

Let’s say you have three gaming mice; dealing with different mouse programming software would be challenging because each has a different interface. Also, some medium to low-end gaming mice doesn’t have software to configure them.

In this post, I am going to reveal a single software that can take care of all your mice; whether they have their prosperity software or don’t have it at all, you can configure them easily with this software.

What makes you even happier is that this gaming mouse software that can configure any mouse is free to use. 

How to download x mouse button control?

You can download your copy of the x mouse button control from the link below; you don’t have to pay any amount; enjoy!

X-Mouse Button Control download

On the download page, you’ll find two versions one package is installable on your PC or laptop, and the other is portable means you don’t have to install XMBC (X-Mouse Button Control) software on your system. You can run it on the go. In addition, you can also download a language pack if you want the interface in your language. X-Mouse Button Control is available in 23 languages. the names of languages are given below.

X-Mouse Button Control supported languages

Czech Republic
















Simplified Chinese




Traditional Chinese



Now install the software on your computer and connect the mouse with your system before running the X-Mouse Button Control software because it will save some time required to detect the mouse.

How to set up and work with x mouse button control?

How to install x mouse button control?

Installing x mouse buttons is easy. First, you need to download the X-Mouse button control from the link given above. Once the downloaded execute the setup file, the installation will begin.

1) If you are using Windows OS, you will be presented with the “User access control” dialogue box; press yes to proceed.

2) on the setup page, click “Next” to proceed, and on the next screen, click on the “I Agree” button to accept the agreement after reading it.

How to install X mouse button control agreement

3) On the next page, provide the path to install the software files or leave it as it is to install it on the default path. On the same path, you can select the option to “Reset” the previously installed X-Mouse Button Control software. Click next to proceed.

How to install X mouse button control install path and setting reset

4) Congratulations, you have installed the X-Mouse Button Control.

How to use x mouse button control?

After installing the XMBC software, you can run it to configure your mouse; it’s a good practice to plug in the mouse before you open it.

Once the XMBC starts, it will detect the mouse, and you will be able to make changes. On the application screen, you will find several programmable button options to select from.

In the software, you see a tab named layer; most of the programming and reprogramming will be done through the options listed on the right side.

XMBC interface to program a mouse

To check that the X Mouse Button Control Software detects your mouse. Click on any button on your mouse and check on the software; the corresponding button section will light up with a yellow colour. This means that the software has detected the mouse.

Here muse buttons 4 and 5 are considered extra buttons on the mouse; you can also check the same way you checked the main buttons of the mouse as described above.

How to configure the x mouse button control for your mouse?

To work with XMBC, you have to create a new profile where you define the role of the button based on the applications.

In the main interface of XMBC, click on add, and you will be presented with a list of applications to select from to configure them mouse for it. Give the profile a descriptive name and save it. You can create multiple profiles for each application you use, and when you open that application mouse will act according to what you have configured in the XMBC software, making it the best software to configure mouse buttons.

Now you will see your newly created profile in the left pane of the software; click on it. On the right side of the primary screen, you will see list buttons to program.

Click on the drop-down button for the button you want to configure. You will be presented with lots of options that are predefined for you. Select any that you want to assign the button.

Usually, the predefined options on the drop-down buttons are useless for gamers. A gamer needs more complex combinations of the keys. You can select the Simulated Keys (undefined) option to assign a complex combination of keys. A new window will open; here, you can enter the custom keys in the top text box you want to assign to the mouse button.

On the same screen, you will find the modifier tags, extended keys and other key codes that can be used in the custom key box. Select the combination you want and click ok.

Complex combination of keys on x mouse button control

Using the above modifier, you can improve your gaming experience and efficiency. For instance, you can assign a tab button to an extra mouse button commonly used to switch weapons. Now you don’t have to reach out to the keyboard to change the weapon. Instead, you can do it with a click of a button with agility.

Similarly, you can assign more commands or for quicker access by assigning Toggle Key codes and key tags. With XMBC, you can also define the behaviour of the buttons, like how the computer should read when you hold the mouse button pressed down and many other settings.

You can also program the mouse wheel; you can make it scroll horizontal if you don’t have a muse that has a title scrolling function. Also, program the scroll wheel button to perform the specific task you want. Once you do all the configuration, save your profile settings, and try using it on your favourite software or game.

Working with X-Mouse Button Control requires a bit learning curve, but the impact you will see in the game or for whatever application you are using will amaze you. So please spend some time with it to get familiarised with it.

FAQ Tech and About

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system does XMBC software support?

Currently, X mouse button control software is supported for Windows Operating System. It supports Windows XP and above OS on the Windows Server side; this application can be used on Windows 2003, 2003 R2, 2008 2008 R2, 2012, 8.1, 2012 R2, 2016 & 2019.

What mouse can be configured with X-Mouse Button Control software?

Any gaming mouse can be configured with XMBC. This software is universal and has been tested on thousands of mice. Download the software, plug your mouse into the computer and find out the compatibility.

What is some alternate software to program mouse buttons?

There is software that can program mouse buttons; below is the list of some notable software which is free to use.

1) Mouse Manager

2) Piper

3) Key Remapper

4) Clicky Mouse

5) Auto HotKey

All these software can be used to remap mouse buttons; each is different and provides a different utility that other software might not offer. So try them and decide which suits you.

What kind of programming can you do with X-Mouse Button Control?

X-Mouse Button Control is a robust software to change the program and change the behaviour of any mouse. Below is the list of configurations you can do with this mouse button remapping software.

1) Shifting or combining buttons to trigger different actions

2) Click and Drag actions, also known as sticky buttons

3) Configure the mouse button to capture the screenshot

4) Control the media player

5) Open applications

6) Trigger action based on time

7) Send a custom keystroke sequence

8) Control mouse speed

9) Configure buttons to run multiple programs or specific applications

There are many more possible actions that you can configure for your mouse to help you in your work or gaming using simulated keystrokes, button chording or button held options.

There are many more possible actions that you can configure for your mouse to help you in your work or gaming.