Get A Solid Grip On Mouse With The Best Gaming Mouse For Sweaty Hands
[Plus 4 Alternate Options]


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Updated: 07/10/2022

Are you tired of adjusting your hand to overcome the sweat coming from your hand while using a mouse?

It feels annoying if you are playing a game and you miss your target or can’t make a move at the right time due to the slipperiness of the mouse caused by sweat.

This could be frustrating; despite all the expertise, you can’t achieve your objective due to minor liquid discharge from your hands.

Luckily, mouse manufacturers have addressed this issue. Several mice are available that can handle conditions related to sweaty palms or fingers. You have to buy the right gaming mouse for sweaty hands to deal with it.

Below are some important points to know for using a computer mouse with sweaty hands

Only getting a sweat resistant mouse would not resolve the problem. The most a mouse can offer is to provide a better grip so that your hand does not slip when your hand releases sweat.

A few things must be considered apart from a mouse with good grips.

1. The surface of the mouse should not be slippery. Please don’t buy a mouse with a glossy, shiny shell because, despite good mouse grips, your fingers could still slip on it.

2. Use a mouse that is a bit undersized or just the right size for your hand; this will help you grip the mouse easily, and there will be less chance of slipping. An oversize mouse can make it difficult to grip with sweaty hands.

3. Try to hold the mouse in a way to leave some space to pass through the air; this will keep your hand cool, and if there is any sweat, it could dry out.

Why do hands get sweaty while using the mouse?

The following could be the reasons your hands get sweaty while using a mouse.

Hand gets sweaty because of mental pressure or stress; this could happen when you are highly involved in a game while playing.

Sometimes when you grip the mouse tightly, and there is no space left to cross the air under your palm, slowly, the temperature of your hand increases, which could cause sweating under your palm.

Hand palms and fingers also get sweaty when the overall body temperature rises; in such a situation, our body could release sweat to cool down the body temperature. Raised body temperature and hot environment is also a cause of getting sweat in hands. (Info reference: Mayo Clinic)

Following is the list of mice that are good mouse for sweaty hands.

1. Corsair Nightsword RGB – Best Gaming Mouse For Sweaty Hands


The Corsair Nightsword is a full-featured gaming mouse with an optimized ergonomic shape with a comfortable textured rubber grip for your hand, which provides a solid grip even with sweaty hands.

The custom-built PixArt PMW3391 sensor supports 18,000 DPI and delivers pinpoint accuracy, while the eight programmable buttons allow you to customize the functions of the buttons. 

Corsair Nightsword can save up to three profiles with configuration. Saved macros with profiles let you get a competitive edge over the competitor. You can save macros on onboard memory. This gaming mouse is perfect for any gamer, with each click ensuring precise, crisp feedback.

The RGB lighting effect is fully customizable, with 16.8 million colors to choose from in four zones. 

You can also adjust the mouse’s weight between 119g to 141g, and the Corsair software helps you find the origin of gravity of the mouse

This function will immensely help find the right weight balance for the mouse. 

Six weight-loading spots can change the mouse’s balance.

Features in a Glance

Connectivity: Wired
Design: Ergonomic
Sensor: PixArt PMW3391, 18,000 DPI, 50G, IPS 400
Scroll Wheel: yes, with a rubber grip
Weight: 119 gram
Hand Orientation: Right hand
Power: Wire
RGB: Yes, 4 Zones
Buttons: 8, Programmable
OS Compatibility: Windows OS

  • Weight adjustable

  • Special Snipper button customization

  • Sweat-resistant grip

  • Side support for thumb and pinky finger support

  • No wireless

  • Looks are bulky


Corsair Nightsword RGB has nicely clubbed most of the features that a gamer would want. 

It has many programmable buttons, including the kill shot button, mouse weight settings, and RGB lights.

Also, the build quality is great. The mouse has a gaming-grade sensor and ergonomic design.

I also like the Nightsword mouse fins, which provide support for fingers. These supports really can help operate side buttons with comfort and do not let your fingers rub against the mouse surface. 

I found Corsair Nightsword software not useful for weight tuning. It would be better to mount the weights where you feel best.

The mouse offers you different weight mounting locations to find a suitable spot for placing the weights under the mouse.

Corsair has been advertised as a medium hand size mouse, but I feel that it’s also best suited for users with large hands

It also has a sizable palm resting area, and the mouse top is designed in a nice way to accommodate palm grip style.

Alternate Mouse Option:

The closest competitor of Corsair Nightsword Mouse is Razer Basilisk. Some significant differences are that Basilisk’s side grips have rubber linings instead of textured rubber to mitigate sweaty hand problems.

The second difference is that Basilisk is more ergonomic in design than Nightsword mouse. Also, Razer Basilisk has no weight adjustment options.


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2. ASUS Cerberus Optical Gaming Mouse – Best Slip-Resistant Mouse for sweaty hands


ASUS Cerberus Optical sweatproof gaming mouse is perfect for all types of gamers. It’s an ideal mouse for users looking for a mouse to handle the sweat discharged from their hands

Cerberus anti sweat gaming mouse has dotted side grips that avoid slipping off your hand due to sweat. ASUS Cerberus mouse is ambidextrous in design. You can use it with either hand.

This reasonably priced gaming mouse has all the features that you’d want from a gaming mouse without the need to make cuts on your wallet.

 The optical sensor is dependable, and the DPI allows for quick and easy changes to the cursor’s sensitivity. The four DPI settings ensure that you’ll have no problem keeping track of your target. 

Features in a Glance

Connectivity: Wired
Design: Ambidextrous
Sensor: Optical Sensor, DPI (500, 1000, 1500, 2500)
Scroll Wheel: yes, with a rubber grip
Weight: 155 grams (With cable)
Hand Orientation: Right and left hand
Power: Wire
RGB: No RGB lighting effects
Buttons: 6, Non-Programmable
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Xbox, PS4

  • Dotted side grips

  • Good Plastic structure with side rubber grip

  • Perfect for regular use and casual gaming

  • No Wireless


The ASUS Cerberus Optical gaming mouse has an excellent design; this mouse is good for everyday work and gaming. The side grips are amazing, allowing you to grip the mouse-like as if it is part of your hand.

ASUS Cerberus does not offer a pro-level sensor, but cursor tracking is pinpoint accurate.

The overall body is made up of some reliable plastic material. The mouse is suitable for small to medium hand size.

Alternate Mouse Option:

Logitech G Pro is a mouse that can substitute ASUS Cerberus. If you want a better gaming sensor with an ambidextrous design, Logitech G Pro is the one, it has HERO 25K sensor matte body, and it is also wireless but has no special grips for dealing with sweat.

 Logitech G Pro matte mouse shell helps deal with sweat to some extent, but if your hands sweat a lot, I suggest you go with ASUS Cerberus mouse.

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3. Glorious Model D – Best anti sweat gaming mouse


Glorious is one of the best companies that manufacture mice with impressive design and high performance. 

The Glorious model D mouse is designed for gaming and daily work needs. The mouse offers to change the DPI on the fly with a touch of a button. 

 This mouse with holes on the body not only makes it lighter but also allows air to pass through the holes so that your hand remains dry

The Glorious D e-sports gaming mice are designed to be fast, capable, and more ergonomic than their competitors. 100% Virgin PTFE Glorious mouse large skates gives swift movement as if you are skating in ice.

The honeycomb structure, ergonomic design, and gaming-grade sensor provide optimal performance all the time. 

Features in a Glance

Connectivity: Wired
Design: Ergonomic
Sensor: Pixart® PMW-3360, Max DPI 12000, 250 IPS, 50G
Scroll Wheel: yes 2-way with rubber grip
Weight: 68 gram
Hand Orientation: Right-hand
Power: Wire
RGB: yes, 8 effects
Buttons: 6, Remappable DPI
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Xbox, PS4

  • Lightweight and allow air to pass under the palm

  • Good quality mouse feet

  • Comfortable Grip

  • No wireless option


The Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse features a build quality that rivals other leading brands. This Glorious D mouse has two models to cater to all hand sizes.

One is called Glorious Model “D” and the other “D-.” The main difference between them is that D- is 7-gram lighter, and length is 2 mm less. Height is 8 mm shorter than model D. Rest of the characteristics are the same.

This Glorious D model can accommodate users with large to medium hand sizes, while D- is for users with small hands or between small and medium hand sizes. Depending on your preference you can choose between wired or wireless model, many gamers are now switching to wireless gaming mouse.

The Glorious honeycomb shell mouse has diagonal holes on the mouse’s skull to deal with sweat so the air can pass through under your palm, which keeps your hand dry.

Internal parts of the mouse are covered with a protective coat, so there is no need to worry about dust entering through holes.

Another thing to be noted here is that if you are purchasing due to sweaty hands, go for a matte body and not for the glossy body, as the matte cover is better for grip when your hands get sweaty.

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4. Razer DeathAdder Essential – best mouse for sweaty hands


Razer DeathAdder Essential has the classic Razer mouse shape, and the weight is perfect as anyone can live with it.
The mouse has a matte finish coated shell and bulging outsides strips for better grip. Even with damp hands, this mouse does not slip from your hand.
The Razer DeathAdder has a special button with which you can change the cursor’s sensitivity.
The Razer DeathAdder is highly precise and offers pinpoint accuracy for any game or creative work.
The mouse has five buttons and can be reprogrammed as per need. The Razer logo is engraved into the mouse’s backside and creates an illuminated status indicator that looks fantastic.

Features in a Glance

Connectivity: Wired
Design: Ergonomic
Sensor: PAW3328 sensor, Max DPI 6400, 220 IPS, 30G
|Scroll Wheel: yes 2-way with rubber grip and bumps
Weight: 96 gram
Hand Orientation: Right-hand
Power: Wire
RGB: No, just backlight
Buttons: 5, Remappable DPI
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Alexa compatible

  • Concave style buttons to avoid finger slipping

  • Satisfactory click feel

  • Illuminated notch and textured scroll

  • Braided cable

  • Low price

  • No wireless option


Razer DeathAdder Essential is a reasonable mouse at a low price. You can almost use it for every task. 

It has a sturdy plastic body and ergonomic design. The Left and right buttons have a concave dip, which does not allow fingers to slip even with sweaty fingers

Another noticeable thing is that its side grips are also made of plastic, which means its grip will last longer compared to rubber grips that diminish when used regularly.

The mouse’s weight is just right, 96g. Any mouse under 100g and over 80g is a good range for a mouse weight in general.

If you need a better mouse than the Razer DeathAdder Essential mouse, I suggest buying the Razer DeathAdder Elite

Most of the traits of both DeathAdder Essential and Elite are the same, but some features make a key difference. 

DeathAdder Elite has a better DPI up to 16000. You can adjust the DPI in increments of one, while with DeathAdder Essential, you can’t do it. 

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5. Anholi Wired RGB Rainbow Mouse – best mouse for sweaty hands with a fan


Anholi launched its patent honeycomb mouse with a fan installed inside. The shape of the mouse is symmetrical and can be used with both hands. 

Anholi’s quiet fan keeps your hand dry all the time while you are working or playing the games.

Anholi mouse sensor supports 3200 DPI maximum, and the polling rate is 1 ms. RGB changing lights with its white colour makes it more desirable.

 Features in a Glance

Connectivity: Wired
Design: Symmetrical
Sensor: Optical sensor, 3200 max DPI
Scroll Wheel: yes 2-way
Weight: 110 gram
Hand Orientation: Both hands, optimized for right hand
Power: Wire
RGB: Yes, RGB lights
Buttons: 6, Remappable DPI
OS Compatibility: Windows OS only

  • Quality plastic structure

  • Fan work very well

  • 3D non-slip mouse scroll

  • Ambidextrous shape

  • No wireless

  • Can not control fan speed, Fan is auto regulated


Anholi wired mouse with a cooling fan really can be a relief for users who have very sweaty hands or those living in the hotter states. 

Overall the build of the mouse is supremely durable and made from plastic. Mouse buttons and skates are fine.

I won’t say it’s the best mouse for gaming, but it works well. The sensor provides four sensitivity levels. 

RGB lights are cool and flash with changing colors when you change the DPI. This change of color reflects that DPI has changed.

There is a button under the mouse for turning the fan on and off. You can not change the fan’s speed, which is one lacking functionality.

One strange thing is that the fan keeps changing its speed automatically. I believe it’s a built-in function.

I like to mention that if you want to take advantage of the fan, you should keep your palm a bit raised or a bit lose so the fan air can get passed through properly.

Anholi air-condition mouse is suitable for medium to small hand users. Not suitable for large hands, people with large hands might cover all the mouse holes, which could be problematic because there will be less or no space for air to exit.

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Alternate solutions for sweaty hands


Well, if you don’t like any of the above mouse options for sweaty hands. I understand you probably don’t want to change your existing mouse, or perhaps you are in love with the mouse you already have.

But what to do about the sodden hands? The problem is still there. In this case, you could choose from the following options.

1. Mouse Grip Tapes


Mouse grips tapes are made up of special material that resists slipping off your fingers or palm if applied to a mouse. Many of them can also absorb sweat. 

These grips allow you to play longer with all types of mouse grip styles like palm grip, claw grip, fingertip grip, or hybrid grip.

The problem with mouse tape grip is that you have to change them after some time. 

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2. Antiperspirant for Hands – Best Anti-Sweat Lotion


There are several antiperspirant lotions available in the market for gamers that can stop secreting all the moisture from your hands. You can apply it to your hands before working or playing with a mouse.

 These anti-sweat lubricants stop the sweat from its source for few hours after applying them to your hands and fingers.

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3. Gaming Gloves


The third option you can choose is to get a pair of gaming gloves for sweaty hands. 

These gloves not only soak up the sweat but also enhance the gaming experience and maintain the blood flow in the hand, which helps in better grip.

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4. USB Fan for Sweaty Hands

USB LED Fan for Sweaty Hands - Tech and About

The last alternative is to get a mini USB fan and point it to your hand with the mouse so that your hand remains dry with the blow of air. you can adjust the angle of the fan. This fan can also show temperature, date, and time with LED lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What mouse is suitable for sweaty hands?

Any mouse with good grips. Grips could be on the side of the mouse or all over the mouse. However, some mice are more reliable for hands that get wet when using the mouse. You can check the list above.

What type of mouse to avoid if you have sweaty hands?

Any mouse whose surface is slippery will create more problems handling the mouse while using it. In Particular, mice with a glossy coat are more slippery, so avoid these mice if you have sweaty hands.


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